Here come SHC, we give you XTC (GO!!)

Here you are, super groovin’
Get the chance to love it which is moving
Ride on the base of music
The heat of beats goes loony or loopy
Time to fly, vibes so higher
Shots and rocks, body and soul get hyper
Enter the floor of theater
Freaks of 8-core inventer

Come closer, dancers or surfers, riders
Yeah! Waves are getting better
The rave for you, Red-Rizer!!

Rise up to SHC XTC!!

Intensity of your ecstasy
Let the party go crazy, don’t be lazy
Drink & Dance in the paradise
Make Some Noise and Julianize!!
Hey girls, Hold me Touch me
I’m so lonely please catch me
Hey boys, stay free
Everybody, feel your XTC!!

Now you know, SHC ravers’ flow
Go!! All the party people, XTC of this show

You’ve got it!! SHC XTC!!

Now you know, SHC XTC
This is your SHC XTC